Kathleen-Jules Wedding Day

The Kathleen-Jules wedding day was on May 10, 2018 at Las Vegas Golf Club. It was a beautiful day for a wedding! This couple was so excited to have us photographing their wedding and we were as excited, if not more than they were, to be there. It is always an honor when a couple chooses us, because they have so many photographers to choose from. Making the right selection is always important when it comes to a photographer. Comfortable Clients mean outstanding photos such as these.

Kathleen-Jules Wedding Day
Kathleen and Jules on their beautiful wedding day

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To check out the Las Vegas Golf Club and their venue please follow the link : https://www.lasvegasgc.com/special-events/weddings

When I look back at this wedding, it is amazing how happy people are! Dancing, smiling, and loving one another like there is no tomorrow. Capturing these moments is so important. To share the memories with others will bring many days of joy and remembrance.  I thrive on people and their joy! I will forever remember Kathleen and Jule. No matter what the Universe threw at these two, they just kept on moving. Never cracking to the pressures and always thriving on each other. I hope these photos make you feel the same as I do when I look at them.