Jon Ivan Artwork

I have always had a career as an  Electro-mechanical technician (Mechanics and electronics including and up to subsea robotics). I’ve also been drawing most of my life as a hobby and even advanced that to a pencil art print and frame company called I sold my pencil art in my own custom designed frames. I am a business minded person and this buisness was a great learning curve as an artist for me. It was shut down due to hurricane Katrina.

My career was cut short  3 years ago due to a medical issue that caused me to have to have brain surgery. I had always wanted to play a violin that I had built. During my recovery I built this very violin. It was after I finished that project when I invisoned the “Violin”, one of my “TIME” collection pieces, then my imagination progressed from there.  These sculptures mimic the flow of a working steam machine but also function as a working piece. This places them in a class of their own that I like to call “Science Fiction Steam”.  At the heart of each piece lays a clock that serves as a heat source for the steam machine.  This is why they are appropriately named the “TIME” collection.

Recently, I have branched off to include stationary sculptures with my first being “The Power of 3”. This piece shows how the use of time pieces and lots of forethought can make the number 3 powerful. I have a great love for time pieces and it shows in all of my sculptures.

The drive to create in me is unimaginable at times and the ideas flow seemingly every day within my head. I always jump at the chance to grab something to put into a piece and I also stop and take the time to take a photo when I see the opportunity. I hope you can feel the emotions and love I put into every section of every piece I have created